Eating My Way Through Insadong


Exploring the small side streets of Insadong.

On any trip to Seoul, I’m always happy strolling through Insadong’s main drag and winding side streets.  Of course, people come here to buy traditional Korean souvenirs, but on this particular day, I came to eat.  First on my list–Jeong Sik (정식).


The many dishes of jeong sik (정식)

Jeong Sik literally translates to “formal meal”.  It typically includes a soup, rice, kimchi and an array of other side dishes, which will vary depending on the region and season.

In my own private dining room, I was served several small dishes.  The meal cost ₩15,000, which is about 15 USD.


Japchae (잡채), stir-fried sweet potato noodles with vegetables and soy sauce.  Chewy noodles with the crispness of the green vegetables.


Doenjang jjigae (된장 찌개), soybean paste soup. Salty with a bit of spice. Has a strong smell, but it’s delicious nonetheless.


Dororimuk muchim (도토리묵무침) is a jelly made from acorn starch. It is mixed with some cabbage, onion, and red pepper paste. This particular one was quite salty.  It is clearly delicious because I have eaten most of it before I could snap a photo.

After lunch, it was only about five minutes before I found myself eating again.  I stumbled upon several street vendors selling desserts.  The one that caught my eye was the green tea ice cream served between two macaroons. The crispiness and chewiness of the macaroon paired great with the cold ice cream.  I needed it because it was HOT outside.


The next stop was a traditional tea shop.  I ordered some Sujeonggwa, a chilled persimmon and cinnamon tea.  It is often served as a dessert because it is so sweet. 11813440_764035490328_1727561755986479627_n

I was sad to leave Insadong, but there are so many other neighborhoods in Seoul to explore.



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