Revisiting? Hyehwa Station

Have you ever been somewhere new but had the distinct feeling that you knew the place?

That, for me, was Hyehwa Station.



It wasn’t that the small streets were particularly remarkable; they looked like many others in the vast sprawl of Seoul.  But something about this neighborhood felt familiar.

Hyehwa Station, as known as Daehakro , is dotted with cafes and accessory shops, but most notably, theaters.  This neighborhood is known for it’s cultural arts performances.  There were many plays and concerts to choose from.  However, everything is Korean language only.  That is something to keep in mind if you are looking for English or other languages.

I strolled aimlessly until I came upon a coffee shop that looked like nothing I had seen before in Korea.


b2project is a very unique cafe/Scandinavian furniture shop.  After browsing the basement’s chairs, tables, and shelves, I made my way upstairs for coffee.


I enjoyed my afternoon here.  I sat for a long time taking in the tranquil atmosphere and sipping my espresso.  There are plenty of cozy spots and vintage chairs to choose from.  The prices are reasonable and the espresso is strong, the way it should be.


DIRECTIONS – b2project Address: Seoul Jongno-gu, Dongsoong-dong, Dongsung3-gil 6-6 (서울시 종로구 동숭동 동숭3길 6-6), Phone: 02-6369-2900

Before leaving Hyewha, I heard about a place called Cafe Haewon, which serves earl grey bingsu, or shaved ice.  Typically only seeing red bean, green tea, berry, and mango flavors available, and being a fiend for all things earl grey, I had to try it.  Cafe Haewon was only a short 5 minute walk from b2project.


The people behind the counter thought I was crazy for eating this by myself.  Truthfully, I only got through half.  But it was delicious, and the earl grey ice cream on top was the best part.

I headed to the subway after a long afternoon of eating to meet a friend in the neighborhood of Hongdae for more eating.  Once I arrived, I explained my strange afternoon of feeling so familiar with a new place called Hyehwa, but having never been there.

“Hyehwa?  You should remember that place.  You have been there before.”


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