1 Day in Macau

HK 170

If you’re in Hong Kong, it’s necessary to do at least a day trip to Macau.  Take a high-speed ferry, and you’ll be there in about one hour.  There are several ports in Hong Kong where you can get to Macau and elsewhere.    I used TurboJet and had no complaints.  So off I went, and luckily, the skies were bright blue and the water was calm when I made my trek.

I had heard about Macau before I went, most of which pertained to the many casinos dotting the place.  I am not much of a gambler, myself.  What I came to see and taste was the fusion of Asian and Mediterranean.  And perhaps, if I had time, I would visit one casino.  Perhaps.

Once off the ferry in Macau, there was a bus station as well as a plethora of taxis to get where you need to go.  I somehow, magically, stumbled onto the correct bus to get to Senado Square.

HK 184.jpg

HK 173.JPG

Immediately I was struck by my surroundings in this former Portuguese colony.  Was I in Asia?  Certainly I was.  I have never been to Portugal, but standing in Senado Square made me feel as though I could perhaps be somewhere in the Mediterranean.   Palm trees, hot sun, tiled walkways, and beautiful brightly colored buildings like ice cream scoops.  A girl could get used to this place.

HK 175.JPG

I opted out of any kind of walking tour.  It was hot, humid, and the sun was baking the top of my head.  I wanted the freedom to wander slowly and duck into random restaurants or cafes as I went.  And so I did.


HK 190.JPG

First of all, PORK BUNS.  That was number one on the list.  A deep-fried pork chop in a bun.  How can you go wrong?  Available in many variations, I had the original and the pineapple pork buns.

HK 191.JPG

Gooey chocolate cake

HK 192.JPG

Cinnamon pudding

There are also several cafes and restaurants serving Portuguese-style food, wine, and dessert.


HK 193.JPG

Alright, fine, so I did a little gambling.  But, not much.  I don’t know how to play Black Jack.  I do not understand Poker.  But I understand the card game known as War.  And they have it in casinos, apparently.  It’s an easy and very short game.  The problem is, I learned, that your odds are not very good.  It only took me one turn of losing about $40 USD until I huffed and puffed away from the gambling tables for the remainder of the day.

If you find yourself at the Venetian Casino, however, there is much much more to do than simply gamble.  There’s shopping, dining, and gondola rides.  Yep.  For a (small?) fee, you can be serenaded by the gondoliers as you glide by all of the luxury shops.


To get to the Venetian, I used a free shuttle from another hotel.  I just asked around to see how to get there.  Turns out it is quite far from the ferry port and Senado Square, but well worth it if you want to shop, gamble, or just simply see the largest casino in the world.


Saying peace-out to the world’s largest casino


All in all, Macau is worth at least a day trip.  For some, it’s the architecture, for others, it’s the thrill of betting.  For me, mainly, it’s the food.  It’s always the food.




  1. manavmalik · January 4, 2016

    I rem this place. Your pics have refreshed my memories. What a crazy vacation it was…
    Best of luck for ur travel plans in 2016.


    • visionsoflunch · January 5, 2016

      Glad to hear you loved Macau, too! Thanks for the well wishes, and best of luck in your upcoming travels as well!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. casinoyoda · January 7, 2016

    Great post! I’ve never been to Macau. It’s casino will definitely be my destination number one. The pictures of food are great also, very tempting


    • visionsoflunch · January 7, 2016

      Thanks very much! When you go, I hope you have an awesome time!


      • casinoyoda · January 10, 2016

        Thanks! I believe when I go, I’ll document it all in my blog as well. Great tool for keeping memories intact=)))

        Liked by 1 person

  3. ThinkPotJess · January 24, 2016

    Ohhh how I missed Macau’s pork bun *drools*

    Liked by 1 person

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